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What and How:

World Cultures on View

created with the intention to

promote and to connect,

to support and to aid

The work you create should be shared with a wide audience. And that is our goal.

If you would like us to promote your work by featuring in Stories, Posts, Weekly Shares, or a Live Interview - please submit.

Let us and all the visitors into our gallery indulge your storytelling of cultural experiences and knowledge.

Our Instagram platform @womensharecultures has connected its audience to the work of many renowned and emerging women photographers from around the globe.  It is with this talent and commitment that we will continue to provide our viewers quality and substance. 

World Cultures on View reaches an impressive worldwide distribution. All of our networks work together to achieve maximum exposure. 

Your submission will receive a feature in the main gallery and a (1) 24hs story on Instagram

(Only cultural themes are accepted with a detailed text describing the image. Please  do not submit fine art or street photography. The intention of this submission is about giving others an opportunity to learn,  and to gain knowledge about the world from your share)

Current call "Cultural Environment"
Submit by June 5th, 2024


Get in touch so we can start working together.

Thanks for submitting!
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