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Fundraising Print Sale of Photographic Art with a portion of the proceeds donated to non-profits supporting Humanitarian and Environmental causes.

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What is Rise With Art

Rise with Art was founded by the award winning photographer Nataly Rader. As a result of the nature of her work, Nataly has been very closely connected to many photographers in and from Afghanistan, as well globally.

After the Taliban take over a few of Nataly acquainted photographers managed to escaped Afghanistan. That was when she decided to create Rise with Art - a photo Gallery-store to help fundraise assisting the photographers in building their new lives in the new countries.

And that was the start.


Rise With Art  

      is open to all photographers Worldwide creating projects based on Humanitarian and Environmental themes.


The portion of the funds raised from the artwork purchases will be donated to non-profit organizations.


Rise with Art, and the participating photographers are deeply grateful for your help and attention.

To submit your work, please use the contact form for further instructions. Submit your artwork and a non-profit of your choice.


If you would like to submit your work, Let's connect.

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