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Dia De Muertos, Oaxaca
Photo Tour

October 27th - November 2nd
(if more days, will be accommodated)

Dia De Muertos
Booking 2023 and 2024 Photo Tour.
for the 2023 it is a last minute arrangement. if you are interested in participating, please respond by September 10th.
This is the time, during which the locals believe that the veil between the world of the spirits and the living is lifted, so their deceased loved ones can travel back for a visit. Here in Oaxaca, where I live, the celebration has its World’s fame. This is a pre-hispanic tradition which with time blended with Christian believes.

For 10 days the Parades take the street of the center of the city, every window and every door is decorated with the artifacts, and the altars are made. The smell of cempasúchil (orange flowers) is associated with this holiday. The burning of copal wakes your senses, and so does the spirits’.  And of course, the main night of the October 31st, and November 1st, when the heavenly portal opens and the dead can travel into our dimension - that is when you need to be ready to stay up and embrace the happening.

The city is always prepared for the overwhelming amount of tourists from all around the World, and many events are organized. You will be impressed with the amount of “skeletons” walking around. (Her name is La Catrina and the essence of her story goes deep into Mexican traditions and roots but has been restyled only in the last century.

It is believed that the Aztecs worshipped a goddess of death that they alleged protected their departed loved ones, helping them into the next stages) And you will definitely have the opportunity to get your makeover, and join them:)!!!

Led by an award winning photographer and founder of

World Cultures on View - Nataly Rader


Photography ops:   Event, culture, people & portraits, night, street, documentary, landscape, colonial architecture;

Family altars, sand tapestries, market scenes, graveyards full of candles and flowers, and much more.


Skill Level:   Suitable for ALL skill levels, novice to advanced.


Be prepared for some late nights.


Price:   $2,770 USD for 6 nights and 7 days. Every additional day is $136 USD per person. For the year 2023 Deposit of $750 by September 10th, 2023.


Not included:  Flight to Oaxaca airport from your destination. If International - you will fly with a stop in Mexico City.

The group must be 3 persons minimum. If you choose to participate, and the group will not be complete, you will get a full refund.

See you in Oaxaca 🌼💀
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