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Photo Tours

Grab your cameras, Pack your bags, and embark on an Adventure

Join us in Oaxaca for the celebration of the Day of the Dead, (Dia De Muertos). 

This unique tradition where one would feel as gathered for a family reunion, only this time joined by the family members who are no longer with us in the living world.

The entire city of Oaxaca will transform into a magical place where the life and afterlife will merge in a colorful and enchanted celebration.

From Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco is your perfect travel destination. Stretched along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea, this stunning country is your gateway to Africa. 

This Photo Tour is designed and guided by an award winning photographer Nataly Rader, accompanied by a local professional crew of our trusted drivers, Tour Guides and and the welcoming local people.

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