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World Cultures on View Is a non-profit  -  501-C3 organization.


It was founded in August of 2020 by Nataly Rader who is a professional photographer. With this project, Nataly decided to combine all she was passionate about - photography, travel, a love for learning about new cultures, and supporting other women photographers. She decided to build a community where women could share their experiences, knowledge about the world cultures, and the various current events. Nataly envisioned a community of like-minded people. She also felt that women were underrepresented in the industry and thought this project would offer a safe place to share the works and make friendships. 


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Since the very start, World Cultures on View has been growing and expanding at a rapid speed, gaining popularity and reputation among people who love learning about the world. This program offers much information and knowledge. The feedback has been very encouraging and inspiring. 


Since the beginning of establishing the platform World Cultures on View has been highlighting week-long features of different photographer’s work at least once a month, dedicating 5-6 days to sharing a cohesive project.


As of April 2021, WCOV has been conducting live interviews with photographers within the community.  

Rise With Art Foundation was born of World Cultures on View. It is a fundraising project - Photo Print Sale designed to benefit the photographers and chosen non-profits supporting humanitarian and Environmental causes.



World Cultures on View has big plans and dreams which will include a non-profit and an educational program for girls and women set up globally.  All the work done so far has been assisting in setting up the foundation for those plans.

Stay tuned for the updates❣️🌼


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Our  Team

Nataly Rader

President / Founder

Keyboard and Mouse
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