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Giovanna Aryafara

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


Shared joy is double joy ‘ - Proverb 🖤 .



So, where is Happiness born?

Don’t you ever wonder, how is it possible that those who have less of the material have an easier way to find joy in life…

We hear many times that Happiness is a choice. True! It is a choice - glass half full or glass half empty, you pick.

In the modern world, driven and directed by material values, internal Happiness runs at the end. People get caught in an endless race for more. While spending lives pursuing careers, watching bank accounts expand, looking for a bigger and better as it is set to believe, people take less and less time to connect with Happiness. So, where is it hiding?

Turn to the origin of our existence - nature, human connection, a taste of food, the smell of your mother’s home… and so much more, including all those little things we learn to go by without noticing.

The ability to slow down, take time to just be, connect with friends and family, and watch sunrise and sunset… To take a walk and notice light and color change…

OK, I am going to say it - HUG A TREE! Or an elephant for that matter:)

If there was one world holiday, just one day, where all of humanity just had to choose to look at the bright side - imagine that day!!!

And … this is what Google recommends when asked: where to find Happiness!

10 Simple Ways to Find Happiness:

  • Be with others who make you smile. Studies show that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. ...

  • Hold on to your values. ...

  • Accept the good. ...

  • Imagine the best. ...

  • Do things you love. ...

  • Find purpose. ...

  • Listen to your heart. ...

  • Push yourself, not others

What do you think? 😃

✐ Nataly Rader

(Giovanna owns an interior design business in Bali, and her prints could be purchased through this link )

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