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Elodie Van Lierde

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


📍 Papua New Guinea

PNG’s off-the-beaten track reputation, some festivals such as the Mount Hagen Festival or the Goroka Show have become world-famous and are now on the travel itineraries of tourists, photographers, and journalists.

None of these sing-sings see the performers from the Baining area and if you are looking for the ultimate cultural experience, this immersive and intimate community driven initiative is the festival for you: over 60 performance groups and 1200 performers dancing to the rhythmic thumping of bamboos, showcasing their unique cultural heritage, what a treat for the eyes and ears!

The Baining Fire Dance Festival takes place in the village of Gaulim in East New Britain Province in Papua New Guinea, located about an hour drive from Kokopo. To get more information on how to get there, you can contact the amazing team of South Sea Horizons –

Held across two days, the unique cultures and subcultures on display at the Fire-dance Festival gives an insight into how diverse the region is. There are over 50 masked performances and each one is as exclusive as the next. Unlike other festivals and events in Papua New Guinea where the show ground is within town, this festival takes you directly into the villages. It gives a more authentic and genuine experience.

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