Refugee Women

Imagine being forced out of your home, your country, leaving your family behind, and all that you have ever known.
There are refugees scattered all around the world at the present moment. And each and everyone has their own story.
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Bringing Art to a Refugee Camp:


We have created an art project for women refugees presently at a camp in Belgium. Collaborating with a woman-photographer, Mubaraka Mohammadi, who is a refugee from Afghanistan, and with the center's administration, all are excited to bring this project to life.

We will purchase easy-to-use photo cameras with the funds raised, which we will give to women at the Refugee camp and allow them to express and tell their personal stories through photography. 

Art is therapeutic, and one does not need to be a photographer to be able to tell her story. While conducting this project, we hope to help the women at the camp remember, daydream, and look into their future.

We will start this project with gatherings, a support group under the supervision of a professional social worker, and talk about the project and its possibilities.

Providing simple art materials at the group meetings with possible art lessons is part of the plan as well. 
We are also hoping to have a show as the culmination of this project with the works printed and exhibited at the Refugee camp, and at an art gallery in Los Angeles, CA.


This is a Pilot project. We are counting on its great success, and planning to expand to other Refugee Camps Globally.

We have launched a Gofundme campaign. Please consider supporting!

(Donations also could be made here on the website with the use of the Donate button)



The project has been launched and ongoing. We will make sure to post the update photos here.