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Shayan Nuradeen


Lucy, 37, is from central part of Ghana, Sunyani. She is married and has one boy (4) but taking care of two other relative girls (5 and 7). Lucy is currently working in a domestic house in Kurdistan region of Iraq. While she is away from her home in Sunyani, her husband is taking care of her children.

She shared on her journey to Kurdistan:

"I have been to Saudi Arabia for three years and seven months. I worked there. That was 2014. Then I came back (to Ghana) to get married and give birth. I heard about Kurdistan through a friend. We were coming together here but she couldn't come because of one or two things. I have not heard the name Kurdistan before but only knew about Iraq. But she told me everything about this place. So I decided to come. Because for me myself I like to travel and see things and learn more about people and also to make money.

I have been here for nine months. The family I am staying with is very good. I like the family. They are good." she continued "I wouldn't say I am 100% safe. I don't have any family here. I am alone here. You understand me. But the family I am living with, I am comfortable with them. I miss my children, my husband and going to church.

Now what I am praying for is that god helps me and gives me good work that I can help others. There are a lot of people in Ghana that are poor, even a common meal they cannot (have). I wish I can help others who are poor. They are very very poor. My dream is to have a little, not much, a little, that I can help someone with. God gives me hope. Without god, I don't have any hope. For me personally, (it) is god who gives me hope in my life."

This is the first of a series of stories from women and men who work in Iraqi Kurdistan in domestic homes. Through such stories, I hope to give a glimpse of the person who has left her/his family, home and flew for miles to make ends meet. I hope through this, there is more empathy and light of humanity.

✐ Shayan Nuradeen

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