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Lorena Velasco

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


"Looks from my land... Indigenous Misak woman in her traditional kitchen".



Just like many of you, I am learning every day about different cultures, their traditions, and people's lives all around the world. So when I came across this striking photo, it awoke my curiosity - who are Misak? After doing some research, this is what I have learned and am happy to share with you. Also known as the Guambiano people, Guambiano or Misak are indigenous people of the department of Cauca in Colombia. The majority lives in the western part of the Colombian Andes range. Agriculture is the base of their economy.

This link allows you to learn more detailed information about the culture, history, and lifestyle of Misak.

Recently the community has been rising with a political movement Calls for Life. They state, "We don't want a development plan. What we want is a life plan," say the young standing in the front lines. They join in anti-governmental demonstrations, calling for respect to life and human rights to the territory. They are calling for peace and an economic model that respects Mother Earth.

From one of the articles I have learned that even the Peace agreement was signed in 2016, at least 300 indigenous leaders have been assassinated in the country. The statistic shows that 63% of the indigenous population live in poverty, much lower of the national average.

Like many native groups around the globe, the Misak are rising to protect what has been created and built by their ancestors.

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