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Hilina Abebe


“Lalore, 75, a retired birth attendant from Shashamane District has delivered babies she can’t put a number on. “My uncle’s wife was the one who taught me. I was very young”, she says. Lolore also attended the birth of all of her daughters’ seven deliveries. Although Lalore has lost six of her children whom she says “God wanted to have”, she says she takes pride in helping other women be mothers.”

~ ✐ Hilina Abebe



This is a beautiful story of a strong woman. This is the story of every woman. We, as women, don't have the luxury to be weak. We must be strong, as we simply don't have the choice not to. Women possess the ability to persevere when obstacles are presented, to adopt to any circumstances when is needed. The hardship only strengthens the woman to further adapt and be the best version of them that they can be. A woman is a giver of life. Our power is in our resiliency and inner power. Women are strong, women are survivors, and women are warriors.

~ Nataly R

“Therefore, this same world

Uncomprehended by you must remain

Uninfluenced by you. Women as you are,

Mere women, personal and passionate,

You give us doting mothers, and chaste wives.

Sublime Madonnas, and enduring saints!

We get no Christ from you, — and verily

We shall not get a poet, in my mind.”

~ Elizabeth Browning from "Aurora Leigh"

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