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Updated: Jul 27, 2021


Iranian Fisherwomen

Women never stop to amaze me (even though I am a woman). The ability to adapt to various environments, endure, multitask, learn, and so much more… while still maintaining all of the woman’s responsibility as a wife, mother, partner, and supporter… The list can go on and on!

Different cultures and places pose challenges for living and survival. Women, claiming their righteous place in this world, take significant responsibilities upon themselves, proving they are capable.

Fisherwomen (I love the sound of this word) is one of the professions women pursue. As we go along, we learn in life to adapt and adjust and make the best of any situation. We are tolerant and resourceful.

The woman you see in the photograph is one of many who chose to become a fisherwoman, and they build their business on this skill.

Many do it because this is the only option they have to make a living. But when women decide to go this route, the woman proves that everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Waking before dawn and setting out into a sea around 4-5 am, staying out often until 10-11 pm, with a short lunch break on the shore, day in and day out - this is the life of a Fisherwomen in Iran. But just like a fisherman, they love the sea and what they do.

While researching and learning about this topic, I came upon this wonderfully shot and produced short video describing the reality of Iranian fisherwoman life.

✐ Nataly Rader

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