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Annice Lyn


📍Tokyo, Olympics 2020

I came across an article from @the.independent years ago when I first started my photography practice. In that article, Muslim gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi was criticized for 'revealing' leotard worn despite her double-gold win in one of the prominent events in Southeast Asia.

There and then, I thought to myself, when the time is right… one day, I would use photography as a tool for change, through visual narrative, using imagery to construct the future to educate others and do better from there.

As a former national figure skater, my transition into documentary sports photography has recently planted a new seed of goal. I've always believed that with a great platform comes great responsibility. To advocate for equal opportunities, representation and to continue to photograph moments in time that would cement the identity of women athletes (men as well) to portray the athletes and individuals as strong, confident, and capable in a proper context.

As I am here in @tokyo2020 covering the games, reading recent articles with headlines such as “Netizens’ Sexist Comments On Farah Ann's Olympics Leotard Sparks Outrage” - Hype been disheartening and disappointing nonetheless to some of the Malaysian citizens. *Tau cakap je

On 25 July 2021, Farah Ann made her first debut, and the nation is proud as the first Malaysian female artistic gymnast to qualify for the Olympics after 20 years. It was good news for sure, yet nothing seems to improve regarding cyberbullying or society's irrational criticism. The truth is, no one knows all the sacrifices you made. So many assume, so little known. So fellow Malaysians 🇲🇾, how can we do better?

Shoutout to @tehminakaoosji for standing up and voicing out. Appreciate you lots !

Photo shot with the @canonmalaysia EOS R5 , on assignment for @prestigemalaysia ‘s Special August Olympics Issue, 2021.

~ ✐ RePost from Annice Lyn

Annice Lyn is a documentary & sports photographer, based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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